earthseed mysteries revealed

Humanity is accelerating into a whole new paradigm of Expanded Love and connection to All life. The final throes of disruptions which separate ourselves from each other are coming to an end as real humans and our Earth Mother have had enough of the wars, the pain and the suffering that is currently happening and of which has been happening for thousands of years.

If you are reading this, you are a warrior of Living Light who has taken on the challenge to go within and “do-the-work” in order to cleanse and purify your entire History on Earth, ancestral & lifetimes so you can expand your body’s light quotient enough where your level of service will expand and accelerate within the Creation field, then manifest on the planet.

In order to “get there,” or better phased: “remember”, I have found the 3 Steps to Emotional Mastery to be critical for this final internal-emotional-spiritual cleanse. You can read more about the 3 Steps in my blog post here, or read the book, where I go into greater depth.

Additionally, our connection with Gaia Sophia (our Ascending Earth Mother) is critical for our Journey, and 2024 we will have an amazing opportunity to reopen the Inner Mysteries of Earth within us, so that deep connection to Her can become solid, ongoing, and where we can call upon Her at any time so She can assist us in the most peaceful, giving and unusual ways.

Each one of us real humans is a natural mystic who has the ability to turn-on the Gifts of Spirit – gifts which include: seeing into and experiencing Earth’s Higher Dimensions, instant Manifestations, and direct communication with nature spirits and elemental beings, for example. These Gifts of Spirit, which open up when we have completed the learning of the first 3 chakras, are our Divine birthright, and they happen inside our amazing physical vehicle, the body.

Opening to these Gifts aren’t possible, at the Purest Level, without our connection with Nature. And when we all begin to honor and respect Her, Speak with Her and all of Her creations, when we establish a Loving relationship with her, amazing miracles begin to happen.

You all have within yourself the capacity to be conscious Earth Bearing Mystics if you want. Your opportunity is arriving. Will you take the Call? Will you begin to Love our Ascending Earth Mother deeply and watch how she responds? Will you go and explore, be curious, and dare to play and dance upon Her ground? The choice is up to you.

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