Mysticism training

Look deep into your Heart, and you will
know the mysteries of Earth.

The Training

The Earthseed Mysticism training program has been created for you to reconnect and fortify your soveirgn union with Earth and all of Her mysteries. Your personal connection with Nature is a vital aspect of your spiritual growth and expansion in the Awakening process.

Once you have an embodied, visceral experience of You and your body as One with Nature, everything else in Life will take of itself.

The Gifts of Spirit, which include seeing into the higher Earth dimensions, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telekenesis, instant manifestations, and telepathy with nature spirits, aren’t possible, at the Purest Level, without our body and its connection to Nature.

The Indigenous peoples of Earth understand Nature’s role in the human experience for the survival of the species. When we cultivate and embody this connection, She will take care of us during times of Global Change.

With a lifetime of learning from Earth Herself, I will facilitate you in coming home to yourself, your Heart, which is the Heart of all Earthly Life, so you can, once again, reclaim your role as a guardian and stewart of All Her Mysteries if you so desire

During this 4 week training, You Will:

Activate within your Heart your unique soul stream of consiousness.
Intiate Contact with Gaia Sophia (Earth) with guided Journeys.
Raise the frequency of your cells to match with the Harmonics of Ascension Earth.
Learn practical tools to connect with Her nature spirits.
Open the Earth seals in the Heart and forehead to receive clear images.
Blend the reality of your human body and Hers.
Learn Elemental Command: working with your body’s elements and Hers to call in Elementals such as wind and rain.
This and so much more will be taught in this very unique training

Additional Information

Your Life and beyond is a mystical experience already. The Earthseed Mysticism Training will help you become aware of this. Your can gain clarity of your life’s purpose, once you have an experience with Earth that is expanded.

The training will consist of 4 Live Classes, Where we’ll meet once a week for 2 hours on a weekend day. You will be given everything you need in this course training to naturally open to your own gifts in relation to Nature’s.

The first class is limited to 8 Earthseed Mystics to keep the setting intimate and so I can work with you each individually during the 4 weeks. We will start in early 2024 (January), so sign up below if you are seriously giddy about this training.

The expression of appreciation for the course will be $444 – with the option to split the payment in two.