everything is gifted to you



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Everything is gifted to you on the path, a path which is laid out by Divinity itself. Resistance comes when we believe something should be differently than what it is, which leads to lack in trust in the greater plan.

I know this because I’ve lived in resistance most of my life, believing I should be more in control of my body, my circumstances, my emotions, my thoughts, my career and how each moment is supposed to turn out.

Trust is something bigger than the common phrase “trust the process” because Trust is a feeling that Life is perfect in its exactness. A feeling that can only be found by loving All things. A feeling that can only be experienced when gratitude or appreciation is your baseline frequency.

How life is and how life is supposed to turn out in all the details is not up to you. What is up to you, then?: How much you Love the All, how much you feel appreciation, and the excitement that comes from pure curiosity.

Inspiration manifests in those quiet moments where Union between Self and Divinity becomes One. An Action may happen or inspiration can stay put – but the act itself is the Source moving through you as an exploration of Its playground, not for an outcome.

Next time you resist a part of Life: ask yourself, “how what ever is happening to me right now can it not be perfect? Is it a feeling I’m resisting? Do I really believe I can control this? And, what happens if I begin to respond with Love and Appreciation instead?

Everything is Gifted to You, therefore, say Thank You no matter what is happening, and say I Love You, which transforms Everything. It may start mental, but saying these two phrases will begin to run through the very nervous system that is connected to The Divine.

And your life will feel blessed..

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