samskara and the end of suffering

If there is an end to suffering, it would be, for me, seeing the Truth standing before me – the appearance of shapes and colors of objects; the feelings happening within, nothing more than sensations in the body, and the gratitude for a moment that will never be again.

The shapes and colors of objects before me, wherever I happen, are alive, calling out, breathing towards me, sharing their love – the choice is mine to accept this love or to continue feeding the neurosis of the mind and thoughts.

These sensations happening within me are nothing more than the burning up of samskara, which is a major step towards Joy. The bravery it takes to light the fire of these samskaras takes a passion to stand in them, and become aware of my own neuroses. And as they burn up, I am propelled out of the darkness and returned to the Light of All there is, which is the Truth. When I talk about feeling your feelings, this is what I mean.

If there is one thing, I would wish for all of you, it would be a willingness to reach for this Truth I speak of – it is what separates intellectualism from enlightenment, trauma from Joy, and the personal myth from Truth.

Awakening to the Truth isn’t about reaching a higher-level frequency state, or feeling better than you do now, but has everything to do with becoming aware of all the areas of life you’ve chosen to ignore – which can only happen right now in this forever raw moment. These ignored parts (samskaras), once appreciated, once felt, will then be burned in a fire of their own – And inner peace will replace them. And true Joy emerges naturally from inner peace.

Be brave in your journey towards Truth. The Earth is your support. She is here for you to remember Joy, and the Divine, the Source of All Creation is the beacon of Light who is only a heart beat away for you to call upon.

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