the key to ascension is through your feelings

Back in the late 90’s my spiritual mentor, Jo Dunning, presented the 4 steps to ascension. She has always been way ahead of her time with the energy work and information she presents, and I believed I was receiving secret information that nobody knew about. Jo had told the group that these 4 steps had allowed her to move through life in a balanced way and increase the amount of light (energy) in her body.

At first, I was eager to start implementing these 4 steps because I’d try just about anything to get out of the funk my life was in. I had just had an accident where my body took the brunt of crashing into the Earth with my mountain bike, I dropped out of college, I was in emotional shambles, and I was trying to decided who I wanted to be in my life. The 4 steps became kind of like a road map to help me with managing it all.

The steps are: 1. take you mind off the external thing that got you upset. 2. Feel you feelings completely 3. Wrap yourself in love for the experience. 4. Be Grateful for the experience.

For about one year, I stuck it out, practicing the 4 steps in my daily life, and each time I did them, I would feel lighter, clearer in thought, and overall happier in my emotional state. And then I moved to Australia and the shit hit the fan. For almost a year, I traveled the country and was challenged daily with lack of money, direction and purpose, and connection to others. I felt completely lost and had forgotten the 4 steps.

It had taken me many years to start again my practice, and I was so appreciative to have Jo to turn to when I did. After almost twenty years, I now see how valuable integrating the emotional body into my life has been. The emotional body and feeling your feelings is barely ever talked about in spirituality, particularly as a key to ascension. Now, I understand that word “ascension” has different meanings and can even trigger people, but what I had witnessed with Jo, and the people she taught, including myself, has been tangible proof that taking 100% responsibility for feeling the way I do, and just feeling feelings FULLY, does in fact create tangible change in one’s life.

The 4 steps have indeed turned on my “psychic abilities”, increased my intuition, increased how compassionate I am towards others, and have given me access to a greater wisdom about myself, life, Source, and the Earth.

I’ve given you the 4 steps here, but I go into greater detail and have simplified them into 3 steps in my recent book: How Do You Really Feel?! Three Essential Steps to Emotional Mastery.

If you curious, read on here!

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