welcome home to yourself

You are the most important person in your life. The fact that you exist is a miracle and when you recognize your own existence without the “stories of self and life”, all that remains is self-appreciation and self-love.

This is what I mean by coming home to yourself. You exist for no other reason than existence itself, which might sound too simple, and yet, the simplest of things in life are the most profound. Complicating your life by looking outside of yourself for recognition, for love, for answers, for solutions to your problems, are what keeps you from the incredible self-love that is always here, right here in your own Heart.

To feel at Home within yourself maybe difficult for many of you, for many of us feel uncomfortable in our own skin. If this is the case, I would suggest returning back to and allowing the feelings inside you to just be felt. Even if you can’t identify them. By just allowing your emotions to be felt, without blame, judgement, or the cause of them, you are freeing yourself from the very resistance that is keeping you to be in that uncomfortable state. So, feel uncomfortable if that is what is there.

A wise person told me once that resisting something, it tends to stay, and by moving into loving acceptance of something we don’t like, it will have completed its role in our life and we can move on.

Where do we move on to? Back to ourself – always coming back to the Self. You don’t need to know who or what you are, you only need a refocusing back to your own existence. That’s it. The’s where the magic is.

When you come home to yourself, you are accepting the gift of honoring, respecting, recognizing, and loving yourself. And when you do this, nobody can ever break your heart. In fact, when you “Become in Love”, love will never hurt. As the Love for yourself gets stronger each and every time you come back to yourself, and you feel at home there, All other aspects of life naturally work themselves out.

The greatest gift of all, I believe, when you embody this deep self-love, is that you naturally accept everyone; you welcome every person who comes into your life as an equal expression of this Love. Whether or not they know that for themselves, doesn’t matter, because you are being that expression of self-love, in that moment, that they long for. That energy permeates their entire being, and they begin to transform into their own unique expression of this greater Love.

So, dear ones, take the time – as often as possible – to come home to yourself. Recognize your own existence, which will, in time, but sooner than you can blink, catapult you into deep self-appreciation and self-love.

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